The other day I walked into one of the biggest mall  in Kuwait, I couldn’t help noticing that it has a beautiful architecture. The exterior is Arabic style and the interior is western, which is quite a fusion.   This is a two storey mall, basement has a huge space for car parking, the first floor has all the shops and the second floor has the food court.

 While shopping, I realized that it is humongous, modern, and decorated and has lots of huge plants and open space with beautifully lighted chandeliers.  It is a small world on its own, with plenty to offer for all tastes.

The mall has everything one would do normally during the holiday time or on weekends. It has all the brand shops, everything from clothes, shoes, cosmetics, jewelers, accessories, furniture, bookstores, electronic shops, pharmacy, and fitness shops.  Although, the mall offers so much to the public, yet there were very few serious shoppers.

 They have coffee and tea shops. The food courts have all kinds of restaurants from fast food to traditional, organic and healthy food. It has Cinema Theater, where one can watch the latest movie. It is very convenient to shop, entertain and eat   under one roof.

While shopping there I couldn’t help noticing that there were a large number of teenagers just wondering about. These boys and girls were all dressed casually, trendily or were dressed as pop stars. The boys’ hair was long weird hair styles and wearing torn jeans and pullovers with strange words or sentences written on them.    On the other hand the girls were all made up with very heavy makeup, bizarre hair styles and they were wearing revealing and skin tight tops and jeans or dresses, with unusual jewelry and high heals.  I noticed they were just walking and chatting with each other.

Some boys were following the girls and girls were following the boys and they were giggling and exchanging mobile numbers. They were just walking from one corner to another aimlessly.  Several of them were just killing their time and had nothing worthy to do. While others were there to make new friends and socialize with them and were finding the mall  a cool plan where they can hangout, chill, eat, have fun, tease each other, listen to music, make fun of each other, make new friends and look for a new fight!

 I left the mall wondering to myself, what is the purpose of this mall? Don’t these teenagers have any other place to use their energies and hangout? Very strange for something happening in a mall in my opinion.

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