Reasons to write..

Thoughts that come to our mind can be expressed through writing or speaking. Some people choose to speak to express, while others choose writing as an expression of their views, thoughts, ideas and opinion and it can be expressed creatively.

. The difference between speaking and writing is that when one is writing one can hear their thoughts but when speaking a lot of people can hear the person’s thoughts through speaking.   It helps the person to think better and so it enhances their speaking, because it gives the person the chance to put all their thoughts together, organize, edit, revise and then they can speak articulately.

Writing can make the person express their views and opinion on any topic. It is also a way to communicate with other people who can’t speak directly and thru writing one can communicate and is able to reach an unlimited amount of audience throughout the world.

Writing is also more personal and can be therapeutic because it can expel all the frustrations that had encumbered one’s mind, and this aggravation can go   on a paper, pen or word-processing and anger, fear, worry and stresses can be tackled without hampering the person who had embodied the emotions with just a paperweight.

Writing enhances communications skills, which can be hampering because mostly it is difficult to express oneself, whether it is verbal or written. By writing regularly, one can develop the skills of self expression. Writing on a daily basis gives one the time to think carefully and reflect on what to achieve the most and develop a clearer, achievable image and plan for the result.  

Writing also develops analytical and rational skills, by writing down our problems on a piece of paper, it encourages us to think clearly in both ways linear (sequential) and non-linear (creative) way. By writing it down we can see where we are heading, what directions is it taking us to, and then we can get to a solution.

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