A principal walks into the classroom, she said to the teacher I hope you are not “chit chatting ‘and you’re teaching” When the teacher replied said that I have taught and students are working now,  she looked at the children’s work and asked them questions as what they were doing and pointed to the sight words and asked them to name it, just to check on the teacher if she had taught them or not and the children answered them all correctly, she leaves the room without thanking the teacher and the children. She wanted to cross check the teacher, if she had really taught them or not. She comes to class unannounced, well- she has a right, in front of the children she said “chit chat” to teachers and asked if we were doing that or teaching, now that’s not is not right!

Is that a professional way to talk to teachers in front of the students? Is this approach appropriate? Shouldn’t there be another approach? She could just come to class, look around and talk to children and ask them what they were doing and could have asked the teacher quietly as what the children were doing? Rather than adopting such an approach…which one is more appropriate? And why?

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